Ambiance Rebrand


We had the honor of working with Mary Jo, Owner and Head Interior Designer of Ambiance Design Gallery, to reimagine her branding.  When it comes to interiors, Mary Jo is known for her french country aesthetic, and we wanted to bring that to life with her brand.

For the logo, we opted for a beautiful french blue paired with a platinum gradient.  The dot and line border along with the ribbon banner nod to cottage-style details.  The oval badge has a weathered look to add a vintage feel.  We used elongated serif fonts to complement the provincial direction. Lastly, the bee is synonymous with French design and felt like the perfect icon to anchor the logo.

When it came to additional design elements, like business cards, letterhead, and website, we created some backgrounds to enhance the french country feel.  The first is a weathered background, similar to that in the logo.  The second is a text-based background.  The writing is fairly light to not distract from the main design elements.  The text itself actually describes the meaning of ambiance and the vision of Ambiance Design Gallery.  This text background style is very popular in french country design, so we wanted to recreate the look with deep meaning for Ambiance.