Politan is the constantly evolving, innovative hustle of an urban space.
Marketing is the the transformative, inventive communication of growing brands.
Politan is marketing.

We work with your business to strategize and develop digital marketing and business growth solutions. This includes, but is not limited to, branding, website, social media, and email marketing.

Much like a thriving city space, marketing has constant growth at an aggressive pace. With the competition trying to navigate these ever changing technologies, how can you run your business and stay a step ahead? With Politan, you can.

With Politan, you can rival the ever changing.



Brand Identity

Name Development, Creative Direction, Logo Design, Identity Systems, and Brand Guildelines

Design Communications

Advertising, Packaging Design, Social Graphics, Print Collateral, and Environmental Design

Website Development

Sitemap Planning, Website Design, Site Building, Content Copywriting, and Analytics Reporting

Social Media Management

Strategy, Content Creation, Engagement, Reputation Management, and Analytics Reporting

Email Marketing

List Development, Content Strategy, Layout & Design, Email Scheduling, and Analytics Reporting

Event Experiences

Planning, Pre-Publicity, Event Production, Press Coverage, and On-Site Coordination




I just wanted to thank Pauleen for working with us.  She designed our logo, created marketing material, structured our social media layout, and much more.  Her designs were creative and exactly what we were looking for.  Pauleen was a big help to us over here at Affronti Fitness and I would highly recommend her to anyone of my closest friends.  Thank you so much Pauleen!!

Affronti Fitness Austyn • Owner

Our company could not be happier with the services provided by Politan Marketing. The social media services they provide our company are just what we need. They take a huge load off our staff and keep our customers happy by providing new and fresh content regularly. The staff is very professional and their price is great for the service they provide. I highly recommend this company for handling social media marketing and content updating.

Wacky Buttons Geoff • Owner

I’m so happy I’ve got you now! You’re my biggest new blessing to be thankful for!

Gorgeous Sexy Smart Carla • Owner